The Problem with False Grace (or flesh-grace)

October 17, 2011

For some people have slipped in among you unnoticed. They were written about long ago as being deserving of this condemnation because they are ungodly. They turn the grace of our God into uncontrollable lust and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus the Messiah. (Jude 1:4) 


There are those that He prophesied of old (Jude 1:4) (2Peter 2:1-20); “…who secretly bring in destructive heresies….walking according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness...”  We are cautioned  to flee (that means run the other way) from youthful lusts…we are given this intruction as believers (2Tim. 2:21). We are urged to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace in the same Scripture. However, in this promulgation of false-grace, the suggestion that immorality in a believer is even possible, is seen as an offense , as if one could not commit such a thing . But we can walk according the Spirit or according to the flesh (.Gal 5:18, Rom. 8:4, Gal. 5:16) There always is a choice. These false teachers are the ones that call grace a sanction for sin. They call the law foolish. The law was a glorious ministry that led us to Christ…it was a tutor before faith came; now we have the ministry of the Spirit; more glorious than His predessor. (2Cor.3:7-8). This false grace declares that there is approval of every work, whether evil or good because there is no condemnation. But if one believes such a thing, they are already condemned. For sin was and has never been sanctioned by God. It was paid for by His most precious treasure Jesus, so we, too could be His treasures, united for eternity. No condemnation, does not usher in sinfulness, but gratitude and liberty to LOVE. No longer are we under the law of sin and death but the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free.


Some have crawled out from under another false door; working for their salvation, with a master’s whip always flicking upon their flesh. When they realize this is an impossible reality, for Jesus died for them even when they were still sinners and they need only respond and receive His justification, they are more than a little relieved. But when grace is explained in a skewed manner, they are then devoured by false teachers….. From the law to licentiousness becomes their world. They never have received Christ in truth. Works will never set you free (so they did not receive Him by begging and pleading) and neither will the flesh,   that says you can continually yield to sin and still be His. (Rom. 6:1-2, 1John 3:4-10, Rom. 8:8-9) People who have been swallowed up by this lie, are now also being convinced that faith is who would not want us not to respond to the Gospel by faith? Starts with an 'S' ends with an 'n'. They are told "believing does not save them for they already were saved 2,000 years ago." True the Cross and what it accomplished is not affected by our response; but our lives and eternal destination does change completely with our rejection or acceptance of, Jesus Christ, the Father’s gift. Without faith it is not only  impossible to please is impossible to receive Him. (Eph 2:8, Phil.3:9,, Gal.3:4, Rom. 1:16) Those who receive Him are called the sons of God.


Justified by faith used to be called heresy in the 16th century when Martin Luther, Wycliffe and others were crying out for truth in the Church. Today in some circles, requiring faith is called heresy, as if it is a work. The assertion is it is not my faith but Jesus’. But if that is the case,   and it is Jesus’ faith that converts us from sinners to sons; then He has great deal of explaining to do as many have not received Him. Did His faith fail? Was Jesus’ faith lacking or faulty. How can Jesus have faith in Himself for us? How can it be impossible to please God without faith ? Why  would  faith please God, if it were Jesus believing in Jesus? If faith has nothing to do with us, why be pleased in the first place? But genuine, faith is a response of the heart to a God, that gave all for us (Rom. 10:9-10, Gal. 2:20). We believe with our hearts…that is always the key…our hearts. Faith is from the heart not the head, (Rom. 10:9-10). If faith is considered an imposition or an unnecessary, added extra, perhaps the hearer has heard wrong. Justification by faith is so often mentioned in the New Testament, it seems an obvious understanding (Phil. 3:9, Eph. 2:8, Rom. 5:1-2, Rom 9:30, Rom.10:4) and the list goes on......So if we are told faith is not required, we then cannot be saved. For you can hear the word for decades and not respond. The Gospel unmixed with faith profits us nothing. (Heb 4:2). Therefore, grace without faith is dead. We must remember what  our faith is in…not in grace; but in Jesus Christ…grace does not replace Him, but emanates from Him. Grace and truth come by Jesus Christ.


This ‘Flesh’ grace declares pardon for all sin, before one commits it and therefore states, it is not even considered sin against us, because Jesus took it in our stead. It is true we are forgiven, the Cross was enough, He finished our separation from God; united us together with Him; but that leads us to not want to sin...we are freed from sin, not free to sin. (Rom. 6:1-2) The adulteress was not condemned by Jesus; she was given grace to not sin, not told to happily continue in it...that is the power of grace. In this current climate, even gratitude is seen as a burden, let alone seeking to honor the One who gave Himself for us.  This is born  of false conversion at worse; and at best, carnality in Christians as demonstrated by the Corinthians. But we have been set free from the bondage of sin, so that we no longer continue in it. Why return to the dog's vomit of sin? Set free to be in bondage, again...NEVER! (Rom. 8:14-15). That is the enemy's scheme and he will skew any truth of the Gospel for his own gain to shipwreck the faith of God's children and to keep the lost from being saved. We are not to be ignorant of his devices, which are insidious. He will tell you faith is unessential because it is nothing to do with you (just happens to you) because of what Jesus has done. Well if that were true, why do so many refuse Him? Grace must be responded to whether negatively or positively…but it always requires an answer. Jesus is not a magician that “abra-kadabra” waves a wand and does “faith” to you. The Father draws us to Him through the Spirit and the Son draws us to the Father. We can resist. The will is involved and if the enemy can make us believe our  will has disappeared (abra-kadabra style)……..”the rabbit is not in the hat”, guess who gets the rabbit? Do not be fooled by slick messages and clever comments. Holy Spirit is the One who indwells you and can teach you all truth, including what is false teaching. We take all to Him for His inspection, witness and filter….He is Truth Himself and cannot lie.


We, who believe in Him (Jesus) will not be put to shame. On the other hand, believing lies and calling them truth will imprison us. Believing a doctrine that appeals to the flesh has nothing to do with Christianity; for the flesh was crucified…how can it then be appealed to? Is it not whoever is forgiven much loves much….do we know we are forgiven much? If so, we love much…not sin much. First we love God with all our hearts, strength, mind and soul; then our neighbor as ourselves; the selves He has made us into…worthy, valued and beloved in Him.


A Short Note on Sharing the Gospel

October 17, 2011

This was a response to a dear brother seeking answers about how to seek and bring the lost to salvation.


Do not feel are at least willing to ask and care enough about the lost to humble yourself under His Mighty hand and seek answers from Him and those who follow Him. I have done the push, push of a new believer to those around me which won no one of course. And then as I fell in love with Him and shared my passion people were drawn to Him. They wondered why I would love Him so. I have found it is different and custom made for each one we encounter. Some I have had a hard word; like the drunken young man on the bench in the park who was swearing and complaining about what life had done to him and when I sat next to him....I asked if he wanted his horrible life to be finished with...he said yes...and I said well then let's pray...(we talked for a while and I shared Christ and His love but also that he needed to turn to this God and could be done with the emptiness and anger and hurt, etc.) He gave his life right there and then and he was truly born again as he began seeing differently within moments.. and sober too....he even said,  "What you say is hard, but I like it"(that was just before he gave his life to Jesus......).


Then there were others that came to me after I preached and the Holy Spirit had touched their hearts and they asked me to be led to Christ......and even healing in the dirt; the person healed came to Christ and others had watched and came too. In Western countries, I have seen salvation in many ways as well as in the developing world. Once in a phone booth I came upon a man, that  Holy Spirit led me to in a small town  and I told him God had asked me to speak with him and the man practically cried as he had just begun a terrible marital breakdown and although he did not receive Christ right there, He felt the presence of God and was nearly in tears, was amazed God had sent me to him. Other times, as I preached and Holy Ghost touched their hearts, afterwards I   approached them and they were dumbfounded as to why they were crying...I'd share this was the Spirit of the Living God and they received Jesus. In the street, I am careful not to argue as that gets nowhere and just even silently say to myself...(Holy Spirit take over this conversation/encounter). Some want understanding and to know what it really means....(lip service of Rom 10:9-10) can leave them unsaved....we ask as always Holy Spirit to lead us to those open and ready and give Him free reign how to lead them into amazingly then through His love. Hope this helps dear friend.



Love is the Fulfillment of the Law (Rom 13:10)

September 30, 2011

Well, the law without love, never was the truth anyway.....the law was given as an act of love to show man he could not do anything without ME......then Jesus....made that blatantly clear and He traded places with you (mankind) for all eternity.....when you allow Him are ONE with God...not just for a moment.....but always in His heart......the ones saying now because I am eternally forgiven I can do as I please, do not know Him personally and that is a tragedy....for if He knows you not , you are not His…..but....anyone at anytime can still in this time know HIM. What has washed your sins away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus; nothing else can cleanse you. No rhetoric, not theology, no arguing……only HIM...but then saying that means I can do as please, means you don’t know you were cleansed. It never was law vs. grace…..It is law swallowed up by LOVE... and if you are led by LOVE, ME….. the other arguments are more than foolish;  they just don’t make sense. Jesus took the consequence of the law upon HIMSELF for you....for you..for you could have the consequence of His sacrifice LOVE (LIBERTY) ME….. t

here is no fight any longer law vs. is Finished….you are either One with the Father or you are not!


   And how do you know? The Sprit witnesses with your spirit you are sons of GOD.


Not by power, not by might, but by MY Spirit says the Lord …It isn't semantics and word games that will free is the Son of GOD!

I (Holy Spirit) AM so happy to know who are His...for those who are not His, I do not know and they can lie and cheat and pretend they know Him and ME but Ananias and Sappharis didn't get away with it and neither will they.....The sad thing is they can know US, but choose themselves, instead and what a poor choice….the clay choosing its own lump instead of the Potter. So law/grace STOP IT...there is neither law nor grace as f they are unto themselves...there is TRUTH and HE came to set you free if you would have it…. the simplest, heartfelt prayer is all that is required……how easy...too easy for prideful man….Yes, Lord I admit it I cannot make it without HAVE ME in all ways...take my sin, my selfishness, my fear my hate and make Your home in me in Jesus name….that is enough to turn eternity around forever for you….. and you don’t have to worry...will I fail will I stumble...yes you will sometimes...but the fall is only a few inches...I (HS) even catch you.....the falling is part of the walking at first, one day it becomes just walking…  


(Rom. 1:21, Rom. 5:5, Rom. 7:6, 12, 14, Rom. 8:9, Rom 10:9-10, Rom. 13:10, Eph. 2:8-10, 1 Peter 3:18, 1 Peter 1:2, 2 Cor. 3:8, 17-18, 2Cor. 5:14-15, Gal. 3:19-26, Gal. 4:6-7, Gal 5:16-18, Eph. 2:8-10, 1John 5:6 )


What's this thing called healing?

September 30, 2011

Healing is a hot commodity in some Christian circles; it is certainly desired and sought out even by the secular world. There are doctors, natural therapies, psychology, new age and other methods that can produce some form of healing. Christians argue whether healing is relevant or even possible today. For those convinced it is a current possibility, there  seems to be  as many  Christian  healing methods/approaches as there are  denominations. Some espouse

technique, some emphasize authority, others the persons’ past and still others confession of the Word. These are only examples and it would entail considerable research to discover them all. What appears to be successful for one may not work for another or so it is claimed. Each one contending for attention, as if the exclusive holder of healing success. They usually  all  agree  that without Jesus none of this is possible. But why is healing through Jesus the pinnacle of restoration? Because “It is finished”;  His last words on the cross. Everything that had separated us from God, He now paid for and we (as believers) are no longer beholden to sin (which includes disease and death). For we are crucified with Him, and it is no longer we that live, but Christ that lives in us. The Scriptures declare we are co-joined and One with the Father.  We are  Jesus’ body, His flesh and His bones (Eph. 5:30). We are perfected forever by the one offering Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:14). By His stripes we were healed (1Peter 2:24). So where does healing fit into all this seemingly incomprehensible truth? He paid for it pure and simple.  Once this is accepted and recognised, the next step is to experience healing for ourselves. The specific  method is not the concern, the source is...Jesus. He paid for our complete health and wholeness.  When we examine the depth of the brutality measured against Him as He was beaten, scourged and whipped, to the point of being humanly unrecognizable, we understand how all disease, illness, anguish, pain and humiliation was borne for us. (Isaiah 53:3-5) This is the basis without which, we would

have to bear our own sicknesses, pain, shame, etc. Although there are general points to consider and learn in healing

through Jesus, the most significant point is Who is doing the healing. While Jesus walked amongst men, Emmanuel, He did  the healing and then demonstrated this power to His disciples who continued bringing healing/restoration/wholeness in His name. Once Jesus left, the Father sent  the Helper, Teacher,  Comforter, Spirit of Truth ~ Holy Spirit to release the healing in our own and others’ bodies. It is by His power that wholeness is restored. He is the ultimate healing approach....HOLY SPIRIT.


Holy Spirit is the least understood of the Triune God. Father and Son are sought after, but Holy Spirit......He is often maligned as “something” not someone who produces bizarre manifestations. He is rarely sought after in terms of teaching and guidance for which He was given to us. More often then not, He is the invisible Man to the majority of Christians. Without The Spirit of Truth (another name for Him) leading us, we are led by all and sundry. Anyone can claim anything if there is no reference point, and although the Word is most Christians’ barometer of what is legitimate or not, interpretations on Scripture has brought brutal divisiveness into the Body of Christ. Truth (the Word of God) must be interpreted by Truth (The Lving God, Holy SPirit).


If Holy Spirit is as He is described in 1 John 2:27, the anointing that leads us into all truth and we therefore have no need that anyone teach us, perhaps we should consult Him on one part of this “all”, healing. When people are seeking healing, they can be everything from desperate to complacent. Some have become so discouraged, that if there is any lag time, they declare defeat. Holy Spirit and consulting Him leads to permanent healing, for we can never again be deceived into thinking this disease/sickness is from God. Many are warned not to listen to Him, for fear they may be listening to the wrong deafness to Him ensues. By now some will have chosen not to continue reading; will consider this fluff and uncontrolled or even unreliable, but Holy Spirit (the abiding presence of the Living God living in us) is always and perfectly reliable.


“But the anointing which you have

Received from Him abides in you

And you do not need that anyone

Teach you; but as the same anointing

Teaches you concerning all things

And is true, and is not a lie,

Just as it has taught you, you

Will abide in Him” (1John 2:27)


We tend to seek method over Holy Spirit more for our own comfort that optimum choice. But He in fact is the Spirit of truth and as such, His function is to lead us into all truth as Jesus declared. All is the operative word; all would include truth in healing. There are four major aspects which are critical in understanding and ministering healing.:


1. Being settled in the Spiritual fact that there are no loopholes

(condemnations) in grace. (Romans 8:1-2)

2. Knowing and sharing the Father’s heart for themselves and others. (Romans


3. Knowing their authority over sickness, demons, and death through Jesus

Christ. ( Romans 8:2, Mark 16:17, Luke 10:19)

4. Knowing the Holy Spirit as a Person whom they commune with and seek

guidance from. (John 14:16, 1John 2:27, Rom. 7:6, Gal. 5:18)


The precedng  list is  suggested by Holy Spirit. It is vital that our healing  approach be based on these criteria. Of course healing success is possible through faith alone as the Scriptures state in 1Cor 13:2); it is not the Lord’s optimum choice. He always seeks a more excellent way. And that way is love. When we minister to others, whether they  are strangers, friends, or relatives, love is to be our motive; for without it, we are nothing (1Cor 13:2). 


Spirit led healing is  all inclusive...not just addressing a particular part of the anatomy, but can  include  soul issues, (emotional/mental), also hidden physical issues, prophetic words, words of knowledge, words of wisdom....or whatever Holy Spirit desires to  impart. Rather than attempt to control the process, we as coworkers in Him, partner with His leading. This is usually where believers will sigh deeply and consider how in the world that is possible. Well strictly speaking it is impossible in the world, but we are not of the world. Spirit led healing, indicates just that; the Holy Spirit is at the helm. This is not to suggest we are exempt from stepping out and extending ourselves, but Holy Spirit is the guide of where, how and when to step; our steps are ordered by Him. This can be controversial as some are concerned,  that this implies permission to be a pew-warmer;  but  when you are surrendered to Holy Spirit that position does not even enter your mind or heart. In actuality, when we are sensitive to Holy Spirit, He will lead you with the compassion

of Jesus to the ground He has prepared. The greater risk is that we miss what He is leading us to do. If Holy Spirit were given His due and yielded to, all undue pressure to perform, all works to show we are acceptable in God’s sight and all need to pressure others would be eliminated. When you become aware that you are so deeply approved of by God that He chose to dwell within you, those voices and pressures are silenced.  So in actuality what does it mean to be Spirit led? It must be based on being yielded to Holy Spirit, this implies we trust Him, know His voice and follow His lead. How does such a relationship develop? In time, and not a long time, just takes some time. It is simpler than we have been led to believe, because He indwells us. 


Politically Correct Christianity Will Never Work

September 1, 2011

“…but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head___Christ. From whom the whole body knit together  by what every joint supplies, according  to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love (Eph. 4:15-16)


Political Correct Christianity will always fail…why because God is anything but politically correct. He makes us choose sides, directions, truth, growth or not. He said follow me….that means we are going to have to get up and walk, most likely. When people suggest that others are responsible for their growth in Him, they are lying not only to themselves, but to  God. Unfortunately, they also may lie to the Body, using false humility as a snare. Yet we must remember, fear of man proves to be a snare but those who trust in the Lord are kept safe. (Proverbs 29:25),  regardless of everyone else’s opinion.


Be sober and vigilant, Peter declares….not soppy and variable (1Pet 5:8-9 ). And what are we offered before this instruction? Complete reliance on Him…”Humble yourselves under His mighty hand and He will exalt you in due time, casting your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1Pet 5:6-7). It is from humility we derive that freedom, not from manipulating others to change or bend to our desires/demands, but humbling ourselves to the Only One who can genuinely lift us up. This still is not DIY (Do it Yourself) Christianity, but neither is it group therapy where we dump upon others our responsibility to grow up into all things in Him. Bearing one another’s burdens does not mean we take responsibility for them, and their personal growth in Him. False humility will tell you to keep dragging their old man around if you want to be seen as a ’good’ Christian…..but the only good there is, will, not be found in carrying what others refuse to carry themselves and turn over to Him. This is where we become God for others and although temporarily, we may feel needed and important, this soon turns sour, when we disappoint the one pleading weakness and inability to cope over weeks , months,  or years.


 Why are we instructed to gird up our loins (1Pet. 1:13)? Doesn’t sound like a sweet, kind message, but in the end it means freedom, for it is to understand the grace of God through Jesus Christ and to no longer delve into our former lusts; including stubbornness to grow or yield. His grace is sufficient not other people’s support of us. Many, will not only take advantage of this, but blame and condemn the very people they have come to depend on, for not meeting their needs. But Who is the only One who can fulfill us, meet our every need and give us wholeness? God Himself and He has already done it! We have the fullness of the God-head living in us…we are complete in Him. It really is denying that He came in the flesh, if we expect others to fulfill what only He can. It is a matter of the heart. We are to examine ourselves… 2 Corinthians 13:5. Why do some claim they love Him one day and doubt Him the next…and this isn’t a minor moment of, “I wonder if God will answer that prayer?” ..this is “There is no God “or “He never really loved me anyway”…and it is not a once off event.. It is a regular pattern. Who is responsible for that relationship? Is it someone external to it? Grace doesn’t mean you have no responsibility, it means your responsibility is to agree/believe He is who He says He is…For whoever wishes to draw nearer to God must believe that He exists, and that He will reward those who earnestly seek Him…or those who ask others to seek Him for them…. (PCT) that is the politically correct translation. Hebrews 11:6


The truth is we are not responsible for others’ failures. God does not judge you for your neighbor’s refusal of Him; neither does He judge you for your friend’s unwillingness to grow up or your children’s choice of mate, your spouse’s addictions, or their roller coaster ride with God…… up (in love with Him one minute, questioning His existence the next) or any other external. You are redeemed, set free from all curses, even other people’s that they refuse to lay down..…the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty. Unfortunately, much of the Church has been taught that they are not free and live their lives in bondage to others instead of slaves of God. Attempting to clean up everyone else’s lives in order to prove they really are Christians, only proves you are subservient to man, not God. We please God, not man even if it looks harsh to those looking in. We are not to be emotionally bullied or blackmailed by others who report to the flock the insensitivity of the one they claim they love and from whom they have sought help. This is more like high school, than many members in One Body. In Ephesians 4:16, we are told that everyone has a part and does its share...not drains the rest. No Body can function effectively like that.


Jesus prayed for Peter, as He knew satan was sifting him as wheat…but He could not be the one to repent for him from denying his Master 3 times. Their encounter on the beach, while Jesus cooked fish for breakfast cleared the air and committed Peter’s heart. “Do you LOVE me?” (3X.) They had unfinished business and when it was completed, Peter was ready for what he had been born for. Jesus was not responsible for Peter’s failure anymore than we are responsible for others’ failures. SUCH LIBERTY… the political correct Christian response is “I have to bear their burden until they get free"; but He told us to give our burdens to Him not others… bearing a burden someone else refuses to deal with is the height of immaturity, on the part of the one who refuses. How is that an act of Love on anyone’s part? If we attempt to bear it for them, not with them in the sense we pray or instruct, but then they refuse after weeks or months of assistance and point the finger in your direction for failing; it is not our responsibility. No this is stubbornly remaining a ‘baby’ (immature) for life and no one is responsible for that. Let’s not practice co-dependence and call it Christian love; but dependence on Him and call it LIBERTY. It is time for ‘Game Over’…and life to begin in Him…are we up for the challenge? Was the Cross worth it for us (enough)? Can we LOVE Him who loved us so lavishly, before we ever were born let alone received Him?


Jesus didn't chase after the ones who left when He told them eat my flesh and drink my blood, although, He was sad, they chose to walk away. And so are we……But He is worth it! It is a race to run, not an endeavor to avoid (and He has equipped us profusely with all good gifts to complete it triumphantly) We are free from the law, the curse and sin itself…. let’s start living like it is true. That part is our responsibility. And we never do this alone for He never leaves us nor forsakes us, but instead sent His very Spirit to indwell us…do we believe it? We can’t believe for others anymore than God can. Believing is personal and of the heart. Taking seminars and going to conferences or mentors, teachings, etc. will not give you faith. He makes it incredibly simple, confess with your mouth Jesus Christ (and that is an assurance He is the Son of God) and believe in your heart that God rose Him from the dead and you will be saved. The believing is our part and when you realize the depth of His love and commit unto Him your whole heart, (not just mental agreement that changes like the wind), you will always know no matter what you are HIS.


If we give our whole hearts, we get His in exchange…NEW CREATIONS. That's our Daddy, Holy Ghost and Savoir!


(But we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, in order that we might know the things given to us by God.)

1st Corinthians 2:12



Real Love is not a Valentine (Card)

September 1, 2011

If Jesus’  life were viewed in the lenses of Modern Christianity., we would find it hard not to fault Him. After all, He made a whip to drive the terrified money changers (only trying to make a living after all) out of the temple. He often chided and admonished His disciples, even publically, calling them such pet names as “You unbelieving and adulterous generation.” Pretty humiliating for them. And openly spoke of His disappointment in them, to them on a number of occasions; mentioning their lack of faith.

So, if Jesus Who knew no sin reacted in this manner, how is it love has been diluted into a sickly-sweet elixir, readily served and drank by believers world-wide. Is 1Cor.13:4-7 after all untrue or is it the way in which it is viewed that is skewed? If a child is going to run across the street, after being told 3 times not to, do we softly cuddle them and say “now don’;t do that again honey.” Or do we, rightfully so, deliver the message with a possible spank and raised voice. Love is patient, love is kind does not mean everyone will like you, or agree with your actions. It does not mean people’s feathers will not be ruffled or even feel hurt. Jesus must have hurt Peter’s feelings when He compared Him to satan, and when He called the Pharisees the devil’s children and His own disciples perverse. Yet, He sinless Man did say such things. Why is it Christianity has been stripped of its Spiritual guts, when it was built on passion so intense, love so deep and action so brutal by which we were saved, the Cross. This is the kind of love that when someone is about to step out from the curb as a car is racing towards them, we grab them by the shoulders, yanking them back, as they fall on their behind. That brief moment of loss of dignity saved their lives. Do we love that much?

Jesus never said to always be sweet and nice and say only what people want to hear. Speaking the truth in love is not sugar-coating what needs to be said and done.  Even in proverbs it mentions that is it better to hear a correction from a friend than an enemy. God is in the refining business, not the ‘recline-ing’ business. Holy Spirit our counsellor and guide and helper and comfort is the One who leads us to the how and what in all situations; the Helper Extrodinare.

Love was never meant to be an excuse for people not taking responsibility for their actions or having their self-pity accommodated. Especially believers, for that is the ‘old man’ and the one who was crucified. He no longer lives but Christ lives in exchange. It is the lack of awareness of the Divine Exchange that keeps people prisoners of their pain and past. Why? Because ,they are throwing away liberty for sympathy, a poor trade-off, indeed. If Peter had decided Jesus had no right to say “get behind me satan.” Or was upset and blamed Jesus fro revealing that he (Peter) would deny Him three times; how many would not have been saved. For Peter in one day drew 3,000 to Christ; let alone the multitudes later.

This is not an excuse to bully believers or to rail against them because of  disappointments, failures or flaws but; but it does indicate, as in any relationship, love has many guises and one is honesty. It seems that is one of the essential components of love that the Church has outstripped....for fear of causing offense. But Paul made it clear how to deal with conflict/strife in various situations and walking on eggshells was not one of them. Speaking the truth in love does not mean ‘be nice’ but be real, honest and desire His best for them even if they don’t.


“Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.”


Whom the Son Set Free is Free Indeed or is he?

July 22, 2011

When the greatest edict of Christianity has become ‘Be nice’, the Cross has become an offense to believers. Since when did Christianity become emasculated, stripped of all power, force and ultimately truth? Was it through Sunday School lessons where children were given pictures and stories of Jesus as the sweet lamb-holding man with soft hair and eyes? Or was it through the churches when psychology and humanism crept in under the banner of healing, and loving your neighbour, brother enemy or whoever by being agreeable and well mannered, even if it meant denying the truth at all costs...because heaven forbid we mustn’t upset anyone. Or was it when believers were told that those in leadership had precedence over one’s personal leading by the Holy Spirit, because who knows what the everyday believer might be listening to?


Jesus was and is not a weak willed wimp. He spoke harshly to His disciples when they were thick-headed, misunderstanding Him. (for example: “How long to I have to put up with you?” style) or the preferred “You adulterous and perverse generation.” “Or you of little faith.” Now who among us would want those descriptions attributed to us? Then there is Holy Spirit whom the churches have labelled as a gentleman; kind and tender...He would never say or do that ___________fill in the blank. Well let’s examine what He really did do and say. If God is the same today, yesterday and forever and Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Father are ONE, that means what one displays in character is true for the others. Let’s take the assumption of being a ‘gentleman’. Hmmmm, does this sound like a gentleman? Does a gentleman blind someone who is thwarting the spread of the Gospel? Does a gentleman make a whip and cast people out, who are perverting God’s house into a money making venture? Does a gentleman make the earth to shake and the sun turn dark, frightening all the people, as the Father did at the Cross?


What about the claim He would never be harsh. God is love. Does this mean He is only ever sweet, nice, gentle? Love (Whom God is) is the greatest force in the universe. It was by love that the world was saved by the most diabolical form of execution. It was by love that the Apostles spread the Gospel and were persecuted, beaten, berated and executed in return. It was by love that the very words of the New Testament were written in jail, under duress, and exile as John, Peter and Paul yielded to Holy Spirit. Love is never weak, nor always nice. It is truth worked out, revealed and spoken. This is not an excuse for arrogance, in the guise of truth; with the attitude of “If Jesus got mad at His disciples, I can yell at my brethren.” NO! This is to acknowledge the true character of our God.


What is the beginning of wisdom? “God is always nice.”? No, fear the Lord. Why fear? In the Hebrew and Greek fear relates to being in awe, honouring, reverence and respect. When, the Scripture, “Perfect love cast out fear.” , it is often misquoted as all fear. But it only says, cast out fear. The fear not of God. We are encouraged to fear God. Why? Because,  the removal of that fear (awe, reverence and due respect) from our relationship with God, will leave us with a flimsy, soppy picture of Christianity. Where offense or fear of offense becomes our main motivation for what is said and done, it has becomes an idol. This then is the barometer for living as a Christian, rather than being led by the Holy Spirit (who is not always a ‘gentleman’). Even in modern history those who spoke the truth paid with their lives, assassinated. The truth that sets us free comes with a great cost, greater than losing popularity or favour...but is not the cost of this truth worth giving/living?  Freedom in God’s eyes has always been worth the cost.



Heart Sick for a Nation ~ People

July 2, 2011

No use trying to overcome is impossible, even with God for He is love. So when He binds your heart to a people, a nation, best advice is to relent. Hii ni Kenya yangu.


Was it the numerous healings everywhere we travelled, the salvations in the dirt...sometimes as people sought a meager living from hopeful specks of gold....coming instead to the pearl of great price?


Or street boys (homeless and hungry), eating lunch with us at a fish cafe that served portions big enough for at least 2 people...watching them greedily eat what might have been their only meal for days; and then willingly and sincerely give their lives to Christ, the bread of life, the One from whom they would never hunger.


Or was it the woman on the last night preaching who asked for prayer for her very sick baby, and then 30 minutes later returned to the other side of the small church now asking for salvation because she said she had felt the presence of God as I prayed for Holy Spirit to fill the church and touch their hearts?


Or was it the believers in the mountain church that had tried being wazungu (white people) because that is what they had been told by wazungu was acceptable...then Holy Spirit spoke through me during preaching and told them Kuwa Mwafrica ("be African")...He called it their resurrection day and they revived before my very eyes and never will be the same?


Or was it the young men whom I travelled and ministered with that took me into their care and confidence as their own flesh and blood?


Or was it the hearts of the Wafrica (Africans) who said I wasn't mzungu (white) in my heart, but only had light skin...and when  they made this remark it was the utmost compliment because my heart was completely opened to them. And they had never experienced this with a mzungu before?


Or was it my dear and eternal Holy Spirit who changed my heart from discouragement and shock when first arriving to challenge me as He put it, "Dare to Be love"....not just love them or act loving but to BE LOVE. Well since this was impossible without Him, I heartily asked for His assistance in this challenge and within moments my heart transformed from a critical, Western, mzungu outsider to the heart of the Father.


I was the "Habari" girl (meaning how are you in Swahili). That became my opening line and introduction to just about everyone I met. As I learned more Swahili, I peppered my conversations with this language that is so sweetly childlike, it intoxicates. The language is as soft-hearted as the people.


And yes, there are major problems...infrastructure, economic misappropriations, poverty, disease, disregard for life; but this nation, Kenya of this continent Africa will be redeemed and those called by Him will usher in His vision for a people and a nation He has always treasured.


Amani ya Kenya! Nakupenda Kenya milele!

(freedom for Kenya) (I love Kenya forever)



The Cast Against Feelings

May 13, 2011

The Case Against Feelings

What if our feelings were not designed to be stuffed down, figured out, rationalized away or dismissed? What if DIY (Do it yourself) Christianity was not a God given doctrine, but a devil device to condemn believers? What if God who made us in His image, images us with emotions?

Jesus displayed a variety of emotions as His sandals accumulated the dust of this earth; anger, compassion, sadness, blood-drenched stress, etc., but He submitted all to His Father’s will. We too have a myriad of emotions and have learned (to attempt) to control them ourselves. With the old adage, “Now, a Christian doesn’t act like that, tsk, tsk, tsk.” Or “You had better control yourself, what kind of witness will you be?” Well if you try to control yourself, you will be a shameful witness, because He told us in our weakness His power was made perfect. It is through submission to Him that He is glorified! We humble ourselves under His Mighty hand and He exalts us. We are not instructed to exalt ourselves with self-control. For self-control is the fruit of the Spirit. We do not conjure up self-control, anymore than we conjure up joy; they are the fruit of His Spirit, alive in us. To attempt to control one’s emotions and distance ourselves through human effort is akin to buddhism; detach ourselves from reality, consider not what is happening or what you are feeling, in fact pretend it isn’t happening.

Emotions are a part of our God-given design, if we cut ourselves off from them, we cut ourselves off from Him; because to ‘know’ Him is an experiential process not intellectual. It is not that emotions in and of themselves are wicked, but that they have been perverted, by the one who loves to hate us when our first descendants in the Garden sold them to satan. Jesus our Redeemer lives, in us and emotions are redeemable through Him. Sometimes we are terribly hurt, betrayed lied about or to; this will cause emotions to arise. We are not to figure our way out of them, white-knuckle it, or divorce ourselves from what we are feeling as we hear the enemy slither in and whisper (or shout), “SSSSSurely this isn’t Christian-like…” And we respond with, “Oh no, I have blown it again, why can’t I be more like Jesus?” You can’t….. without Him. And who has He sent? Holy Spirit. We are to call on the Comforter sent to us, who abides in us to help us. That is humbling ourselves before the Mighty hand of God.

Over and over and over in Scripture, God reminds us He is for us, is strong when we are weak, is there to give us anything we pray in His name (including peace), takes our cares, and burdens, guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and gives us grace that is sufficient. So attempting to control one’s emotions is saying to Him, “No thanks, I can do it myself; you take care of the starving children.” This is the height of false humility. When, instead He cautions us to come to Him like little children or we cannot even enter into His kingdom. That is a daily entering. We are always His children, never the adult in the relationship between Father and son/daughter. The enemy would prefer you to beat yourself senseless trying to manage feelings that are impossible to control or sort through them without the Maker of those feelings. God says to be angry and not sin, not that being angry is a sin. Since when did feelings other than happiness become evil in and of themselves?

If we really are ONE with Him, then when we cut ourselves off from feelings, we cut ourselves off from feeling HIM. That is like Buddhism that empties the mind of all earthly attachment by the human will. Forced detachment.  That is Buddhism’s greatest goal, perfect detachment. That is not the greatest goal of Christianity. Our greatest goal as believers is to yield completely to Him in everything. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me doesn’t mean try to mimic Him, it means you are (even your emotions) totally His, ONE in union. We are told, that we can do all things through Him and nothing without Him. We have become afraid of our own feelings, for fear they will carry us away, but if we yield them to Him, He will carry us away. He doesn’t condemn us for feelings, but we have condemned ourselves/others for lacking self-control. Yet the One who gives us self-control is the Holy Spirit. So yielding to Him is what we focus on, not hiding from, struggling with or manipulating our feelings.

My Grace is sufficient does not imply, it is sufficient for you to be self-sufficient. If we cut off from our feelings, suppressing them, we will feel dead. Instead He wants us to give them to Him, let Him take over our hearts, let Him deal with the discomfort through us as He abides in us. He is the vine, we are the branches. We will feel separate from Him if we struggle to overcome emotions on our own. Independence from God is always a ruse of the enemy with a heavy price to pay. If we are feeling good about ourselves because of ours effort, we are missing it, and are on the road to destruction. The enemy is hissing around the corner, reminding us we didn’t need God again. Yet when we feel good about ourselves because of Him (our being One with Him) we live in truth.

Emotions being something we are meant to avoid or disparage is the same lie that the body/flesh is intrinsically horrible....another dirty rotten lie of the enemy.... Holy Spirit  heals, cleanses and redeems our bodies through His power, not ours. It is the same for emotions. He says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Well He made us with emotions, so they are also made likewise. He can just as easily deal with emotions as He does with cancer. Healing is healing to God, as He is not a respecter of persons neither is He a respecter of ailments, emotional or physical. Instead of detaching ourselves from feelings, we should invite Him into them, to take hold. Detachment from our humanity is not the key, attachment to Him is….He offers fullness, let us take Him at His word.



Who's Glory is It Anyway?

May 13, 2011
(2 Cor.4:7) But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

When Jesus asked the Father to glorify Him, it was so the Father would be glorified. As He is so are we in this world in the area of glory, not just in healing, miracles and signs. It seems so many are fighting the devil with such tenacity, they cannot draw close to God. Who has the time, if all your time is spent fighting a defeated foe? And then bragging about beating him? As Jesus asked the disciples why are you rejoicing about demons fleeing, when you should rejoice that your names are written in the Book of Life (Luke 10:20). The focus is skewed. Of course they (demons) fled because His name, Jesus Christ and faith in that name heals and causes demons to flee. (Acts 3:16) Bragging about something that is a gift is pride in a gift wrapped box, for the enemy.

Focusing on kicking the devil's butt is not glorifying God, but us and/or the devil. Saying we kicked the devil and got healed or healed someone else by our actions is making this about us. Saying He healed me or them by His stripes and grace and Blood makes the focus on Him. Even Peter and John informed the astonished people near the Gate Beautiful when the lame man walked and leaped for joy, it was God’s power not theirs nor their godliness that made him whole (Acts 3:12-13). This is not the weak-willed perspective of "if it is His will". This is knowing IT IS HIS WILL because of JESUS and His finished work, not because we are so good at butt-kicking; but because He is so Good at being faithful.

Spending the majority of our time focusing on what the devil is doing and how to counter him, puts us not only at great disadvantage, but invalidates “It is Finished”, He came in the flesh, the Cross was enough. We tread on scorpions and serpents (we don't have sparing matches with them). We don’t make them the focus of our day or walk with Him. And we tread on them because of who Jesus Christ is and His finished work, not because of self-effort. Let’s humble ourselves as earthen vessels filled with the excellence of His power. (2Cor 4:7). We are never encouraged to look to the devil, look to the devil, we are told to look to Jesus and our faces will never be covered with shame. Without Him we can do nothing, with Jesus we can do all things. The enemy wants us to fight for what is already ours…how can we ever gain it when we already possess it as heirs of God, co-heirs with Christ? It will be a perpetual fight, that never ends.

When we attempt to bring healing by self-effort/performance/works/method we are a downward slope towards the enemy’s camp. We are bordering on metaphysics when we try to control healing, deliverance or salvation. As if it were possible. It is true Christian healing is not the only available method to produce healing, but for believers it is. We honor our Father by honoring the Son and His finished work and we honour the Son by yielding to the One who has replaced Him, the Teacher within, Holy Spirit. Being led by the Spirit, who will guide and reveal and instruct us what is needed for each person. It is the “number of hairs on the head”, unique, individual kind of healing, not a cookie-cutter technique.

Independence from God is what conceives this pride and pride bears its offspring self-effort.  The attitude of, “well I have everything He has (I am an heir) so who needs Him...I’ll just turn the world upside down on my own”. That always leads to us standing on our heads, off balance. We are the branches, not the vine. Humility is a small price to pay for His riches in glory, for His power abiding in us and flowing freely. It starts with salvation "I believe Jesus Christ"...that is the first step of humility...I need a Saviour...we are not to then take over from there; with the mindset “I can do this on my own as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” Without Christ Jesus we are not righteous and when we try to be independent, it no longer is all the promises are Yes and Amen…because they are only Yes and Amen in HIM (Christ).

We have to be humble with Him, first before we can be with others...humble ourselves to His mighty hand....the rest is easy. Humbling ourselves to our spouse, brother/sister, parent is not difficult when we have first submitted to God. But how can we submit to God (which is the grounds for humility), if we don’t trust Him in the first place? And how can we come to trust Him, if we are busy taking over? How can we submit when we don’t even know Holy Spirit, the Person of God who indwells us and  who leads us into all truth and teaches us concerning all things? Why would you submit to someone you didn't trust? That's why false teachers are so dangerous...they require full submission and gain trust, initially by seduction and later by oppression. But we cannot serve two masters. We must decide who we shall submit to? The One who made us, or the one who wants to destroy us? God never oppresses...He is the Spirit of Liberty. He gives choice…humble yourself under My mighty hand and I will exalt you in due time is His offer. When we humble ourselves, He does not kick us in the teeth and remind us of our flaws or limitations, He exalts us. The maker of all things exalts us!!!! Now that is humility. We do not have to submit, but without it we are adrift in our own egos, man-made doctrine and false humility. He offers choices, but the choice is ours just as in salvation. No arm-twisting. No conditional love. No you had better or else. Just the offer,  plain and direct…humble yourself and I will exalt you. We get the best part of the deal…being exalted by God…now that’s a hefty gift.

Humility is the key to His power, not kicking the enemy's butt! Our weakness makes His power perfect.....That's how we even got saved by grace not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit that woos us, by the Father that draws us to the Son and the Son that draw us to the Father. It is weakness first, then power; humility then exaltation. Who gave us the faith to believe such an unbelievable Gospel? We didn’t conjure it up, most us didn’t even understand when we were on the brink of accepting the greatest offer ever made, what was being offered.

The enemy will flee when we submit to God (believe what he says) and resist him through submission to the Lord, not when we going running headlong screaming in his face until we are hoarse. Jesus never screamed his head off to make the enemy move. HE simple told him to go. It isn’t the volume that causes the enemy to flee, it is His name (Jesus Christ) and faith in His name. If we are weak in faith who is there to help us? Holy Spirit,   the Helper abiding, indwelling, God Himself ready 24/7, a request away.

Humility is the key to His power as paradoxical as that may seem. “He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” does not me we pretend we are worms on our bellies, but does indicate we know that He is God and the Source of all things and we are one with that Source but we are not the Source of Him. Try and be God for a day and see where that lands you; either in the insane asylum or the bed of exhaustion. Either way it was never the intended place God has prepared for you.

We cannot afford to have Holy Spirit as our minion, side-kick, assistant or apprentice; telling Him what to do. That is the devil’s device so we will have limited power. That is what satan tried to do in heaven (be as God) and we can never forget where that landed him. We can only do so much as humans, but nothing is impossible with God. It is the belief in what or whom that matters not just believing (all things are possible to him that believes in what or whom?) in Him.

It is as basic as who made whom. I am His creation, He created me. I did not create God (Him). And yet in His humility He gave me the choice to be in union with Him for eternity. I think God is the most humble of ALL!

Let us glorify You Lord with everything, every breath every choice for we are YOURS forevermore. Amen ~


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