Well, the law without love, never was the truth anyway.....the law was given as an act of love to show man he could not do anything without ME......then Jesus....made that blatantly clear and He traded places with you (mankind) for all eternity.....when you allow Him in....you are ONE with God...not just for a moment.....but always in His heart......the ones saying now because I am eternally forgiven I can do as I please, do not know Him personally and that is a tragedy....for if He knows you not , you are not His…..but....anyone at anytime can still in this time know HIM. What has washed your sins away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus; nothing else can cleanse you. No rhetoric, not theology, no arguing……only HIM...but then saying that means I can do as please, means you don’t know you were cleansed. It never was law vs. grace…..It is law swallowed up by LOVE... and if you are led by LOVE, ME….. the other arguments are more than foolish;  they just don’t make sense. Jesus took the consequence of the law upon HIMSELF for you....for you..for you...so you could have the consequence of His sacrifice LOVE (LIBERTY) ME….. t

here is no fight any longer law vs. grace....it is Finished….you are either One with the Father or you are not!


   And how do you know? The Sprit witnesses with your spirit you are sons of GOD.


Not by power, not by might, but by MY Spirit says the Lord …It isn't semantics and word games that will free you...it is the Son of GOD!

I (Holy Spirit) AM so happy to know you....you who are His...for those who are not His, I do not know and they can lie and cheat and pretend they know Him and ME but Ananias and Sappharis didn't get away with it and neither will they.....The sad thing is they can know US, but choose themselves, instead and what a poor choice….the clay choosing its own lump instead of the Potter. So law/grace STOP IT...there is neither law nor grace as f they are unto themselves...there is TRUTH and HE came to set you free if you would have it…. the simplest, heartfelt prayer is all that is required……how easy...too easy for prideful man….Yes, Lord I admit it I cannot make it without You...so HAVE ME in all ways...take my sin, my selfishness, my fear my hate and make Your home in me in Jesus name….that is enough to turn eternity around forever for you….. and you don’t have to worry...will I fail will I stumble...yes you will sometimes...but the fall is only a few inches...I (HS) even catch you.....the falling is part of the walking at first, one day it becomes just walking…  


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