Holy Spirit desires us to personally relate to Him, so any teaching about Him is not the same as relating to Him; for that you must ask Him directly. He is always willing to Teach...even about Himself. 

 The Holy Spirit teaches us all things..leads into all truth as the Word says and the Holy Spirit's language of tongues is elaborately explained in the following link...




Holy Spirit – The Comforter


The Comforter (as a job title), fairly self-explanatory or is it? Do we ever seek Him out as such or would we rather white-knuckle it, grin and bear it, be our own heroes when it comes to discomfort, which comes in many shapes, sizes and situations, including fear, worry, disappointment, betrayal, etc. When situations arise that we find more than difficult to bear or even understand and although we attempt in Good-Christianese to talk ourselves out of being hurt, disappointed and angry, no such thing seems to happen...nothing changes, self-transformation alludes us. Being “mature”, we assume we should just get over ourselves as our internal dialogue suggests...”Come on, God is for me not against me, He supplies all my need and well the devil is a liar”...and what was the other one? Oh yes, “You should be rejoicing right now because that’s what it says to do in all things!” Hmmm, if you notice, the flavour of those comments have been salted with condemnation and who uses this weapon against us...the accuser of the brethren?

Well, perhaps we could decide to take Holy Spirit at the Word of God and believe He was really a Comforter...and what do you ask a Comforter for...comfort. So when we tell Him we cannot handle what is going on and we are extremely uncomfortable in fact downright despairing, He will amaze us. He will not cajole you into rejoicing, nor convict you of immaturity, but instead without our orchestrating anything, without our even noticing,, He will change the air around us and take all discomfort, all distraction and all disappointment from our focus. As we drove to our destination. No law around anywhere to condemn...NONE! That was taken care of by the Cross.

We often read the New Testament with law-grieved eyes and miss the liberty which Jesus Christ bought for us on the cross. Rather than overlooking what He has bestowed upon us in the person of the Holy Spirit, we should actively engage Him in every instant of every day, and what is our reward? Joy, peace and righteousness. Not because we earned it but because we turned to Him (HS) the One who expresses and embodies joy, peace and righteousness. If we believe the WORD is true, then the Holy Spirit is the Helper, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth. Well, whenever we have difficulties in these areas where should we turn? To the One the Lord has allocated those duties to, not to our own understanding, not attempting to be our own help, our own comfort, our own decipherer of truth...or to get others to play that role, especially our spouses, lol! Again, Holy Spirit is then the bench warmer, sitting waiting to be called up, who actually happens to be the home run hitter. I think the Holy Spirit must be so lonely (not that He depends on us for companionship) but being so duly ignored for centuries, would at the very least, be annoying. Imagine being the most reknown physicist on the planet who was never consulted about any major (or minor) physics issue...what would you do all day? I say Holy Spirit we give it all to you, to hit clear it  out of the ball park, cause you never miss a ball! If there ever was an answer man, Holy Spirit is it!

We can invite Him into our conflicts with spouses, challenges with children and disagreements with friends...it’s not selfish or immature, it is the wisest course of action and the score always reads WIN (Wholeness Is Never-ending)with Him.  




His Steps Not Ours

If the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and man devises his plans but the Lord orders his steps, can we not trust the Most High God to plan our day, to bring us to those who will receive Him and to even order the words we share with those He brings? There is no formula to salvation, as there is none for healing...otherwise the Holy Spirit is obsolete? I have witnessed people who were intoxicated, become sober and saved. I have witnessed people after laughing when I laid hands on them, seek me out and return over and over to find out how they were healed as well as to be prayed for again. I have witnessed people completely reject Him even after witnessing healing themselves. To always assume we must convert, or get them to sign on the dotted line, is to become legalistic. I have seen too many, myself included disengage entirely with that approach. I have seen on the other hand people cry spontaneously after being healed not simply because their pain was gone, but having experienced His loving presence (Holy Spirit), be so touched, they continued to hug you and declare their awe (as the man at the Gate Beautiful who was leaping for joy and praising God). I have also witnessed others tick the box and declare the ‘Gospel’ and even get them to say the prayer with  no effect to the hearts of the hearers. Is God so untrustworthy that we have to dot every “i” and cross every “t” for fear pride or self-proclamation will reign? Does the Holy Spirit really lead or not? If He does, then we can trust that what we say and do (because of the Finished work or the cross) is enough. It is the epitome of pride to predetermine how to minister and what we must say as if Holy Spirit has no idea how to touch the people He sends your way. Let’s drop all rules about how to minister and instead allow our relationship with the Father (having His heart) determine the how, because method will always disappoint but love never fails.

Sharing the Gospel is not in word only, although that has been the primary means in modern Christianity of sharing it. It is also in power and the Holy Spirit. (1Thess.1:5) It is not just a matter of “sharing the Gospel” which often means tell them they need Jesus. What if it is a matter of God preparing hearts to receive? Ordered steps? Salvation (the moment of receiving Him) seems to be custom made for each of us.  He knows the hairs on our head, the condition of our hearts, and what will reach us most effectively? Although there is a danger when one witnesses the power of God bringing wholeness/healing to others for one to take credit personally, this only occurs when one’s relationship with the Father is limited and perhaps even superficial. There is also a danger to be motivated by formula, e.g., “I must tell them about Jesus and make sure they know who did this”, even if they are still digesting that they were healed. Even if at this point they would resign themselves to cynicism, “oh here we go again, they’re going to try and sell me Christ.”There is no formula in salvation as there is no formula for healing.

How often have we prayed from afar or perhaps we were prayed for from afar and a life was changed. Do we not trust God enough to believe that what we sow He will increase. Never do we want to be driven by formula, whether for salvation or for (healing) demonstrating His power. If many of us before we were saved, had been touched by the Father’s heart through one of His children, how much sooner would we have been reconciled? Telling people they need Jesus, which of course they do (we all do), making sure we ticked the Jesus box, will not bring a the dead (spiritually) to life, make a new creation. What will? Well, the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth will lead us in how to touch a particular person, custom-made salvation. No pre-packaged deals. The only thing that is pre-done is our steps that He has ordered. Let’s trust the God who made the universe to use all that we do, even our mistakes to set the captives free, for His grace is sufficient. Hallelujah!


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