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Africa, My Africa

Take Me into your bosom

And I will pour in

My very heart

I will rescue you from

 The mud and the mire

And the clay

For You are Mine

A jewel for the nations

A Glory to behold

My shining star

So long neglected

At long last you

Will know Me

As I want to be known

Not just as Father

Not just as Saviour

But as very Spirit

Living God,

 Living in you

My chosen

Africa, My Africa

You are Mine

My sugar-sweet people

Of long-planned Glory

You are Mine and will

Know it soon

As a Mother bird

Feeds her chicks

I have longed to

Feed you all that

I have for you

I have given you


Magnificent animals

Glowing rivers,

Raging waterfalls

Deserts so smooth

And mountains so high

Precious diamonds and gold

Too many have taken from


I come to give

Africa, My Africa

 You are My bounty

Your hearts are My sought

after treasure

Your hope and faithfulness

Gems to Me

Africa, My Africa

I Am yours