If we really don't believe He is good, maybe we don't really believe in God ~

  • Let's judge appearances by His faithfulness, not His faithfulness by appearances!

  • Holy Spirit is not a feeling, He is Fullness, the Living God (in us)!

  • We are not justified by testimonies, we are justified by Jesus!

  • The No Panic Prayer Method: Let Him lead, Trust His wisdom, leave the Results to Him.....

  • We really are expressions of His unveiled face.... Our countenances decree grace to the world! Much more glory than the law ever possessed or ever will.....let us obey the living CHRIST to shine to the world. (2Cor. 3:18)

  • Whenever you take any aspect of God and turn it into an idol (healing, grace, the Word, etc.)...it does not please Him or make Him proud...it grieves His Spirit.....but men might be pleased....

  • It is fullness that He has poured out........and that comes from relationship
    It all stems from LOVE ---if we are going to make anything the be all and end all, let it BE LOVE!

  • There is no darkness for a Christian because there is no darkness with Him and now He lives in us so there is no darkness for us!

  • Not Just My Hand is upon you...Now MY Hand is in YOU! The Cross changes everything!

  • It is not saved by grace...live by law ~ that is no grace at all. (2Cor 3:7-18)

  • Without a genuine relationship with Holy Spirit, anything  can pass as Christianity.

  • Definition of Being dead: not caring about anything but HIM! Let's be dead!