A question of Faith....sometimes in our own situations, especially if they are long term and appear to be delayed, waiting becomes a stumbling block to faith rather than a place to count it all joy...why would we thank God and Praise Him before we receive our answer to prayer? It’s not to placate God, so He’ll do as you ask, no it’s  to call things that are not as if they were, (until they are). We actually activate in ourseves, by thanking Him, not just a deep faith but an overwhemlming joy for what He has done. It becomes real on the inside first...and therefore what is already ours can be received. (Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.") It’s as if the door of our hearts opens and the gift can enter.This thanking elicits an overwhelming sense of joy; we're no longer under oppression or just hoping, or doubt. It’s real because He said it and He has done it and when we thank Him, we are agreeing with not just the promise but His very character.
We may even fall in love with Him all over again, as we realize what He has actually given us; not just authority over the power of the enemy. That’s just the beginning of realising all His promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus...that’s just the starting point of living in victory. No wonder the Good News is sooooooo good! He is the one who is exceedingly, abundantly more than we can think or ask for. WOW! Let us be enthralled by what He has really done, given us the weapons to not just bamboozle the enemy but the gifts to bring our dearest dreams to life. And what are those gifts? His Word, His Spirit, His blood, His angels, His very life....Our new motto for God could be The Giver and Maker of Dreams (Come True) , not He gives and takes away. These desires may be for a loved one lost or ill, dreams to be a mother (and have the fruit of the womb as a blessing), dreams for a ministry to glorify His name or simply the desire to know Him so intimately there is no separation, not just in spirit but in experience. Whatsoever we desire His Word says...that's failry open-eneded...whatsoever.....abide in Him and His word abides in us and whatsoever we ask in His name shall be done for us by the Father in Heaven..who happens to be our Father too. This is not the gushy, ineffectual  so called faith of "Oh God thank you for_______________(fill in the blank) and five minutes later we declare the opposite of what we thanked Him for....no this is abiding faith that He gives as revelation...sometimes the revelation will only come when we have climbed every hurdle of doubt...sometimes it may be in a dream, or a Scripture that brings to life the truth of Who He is and His intrinsic faithfulness...always the Holy Spirit will be leading us to this truth that God is faithful and reliable even when we aren't.....So if we have been struggling for a breakthrough, praying for healing, or hoping for a desire to be fullfilled that we know He promised...how about a  hearty thank you, not to twist His arm but to turn our minds/hearts towards the truth that IT IS FINISHED!  Let's unlimit the unlimited God in our lives and let Him have His way...faith pleases Him because it declares that we actually believe what He said and did.....Thank You Lord for every promise that is Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus

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