We are One

To address the the conflict and concern that oftimes is made in regards to Holy Spirit and His place in the Triune God...Here is what He has to say in response to this comment:
People are afraid that if they focus on Holy Spirit it minimizes Jesus and the Father ? 

"How could it? We are One.  As He, Jesus is in you, and the Father is one with Jesus, you and the Father are one and I AM in you and therefore the Father and Jesus are One with Me (in you). 

It is a lie from the enemy that I am separate from the Father and Son, as we are inseparable.  (Father, Son Holy Spirit) are not separate but One in you but in ourselves, as well. You do not makes us One or separate, you only benefit from the union. I love you, because He (the Father) first loved you not because I have to---I came because you and I are One through Jesus....It is a consequence of your faith....not your goodness or works or even your desire. It must be for, Jesus, the Only Begotten Son is the gift from the Father and I too have come as a gift to you. Jesus and I are One...you see?   

So when you speak of Me it is not only Me you speak of, but Your Father and His Son----One. Let no one fool you any longer on this, I and the Father are One. How could it be otherwise? Would He send you a foreign/alien spirit to indwell you. Would He send wickedness to lead you? I AM TRUTH, Himself, and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We are the same, dear child----No difference----Only One; One Heart, One Spirit, One Mind. 

We love you. We are One.

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