Holy Ghost Tsunami

I Holy Spirit have come to ensure that the freedom Jesus bought rings in the heart of believers. Being saved from eternal torment is a daily celebration of Christ’s victory…not a one off event.


So the time is coming and now is where people in cities and around the world, in small towns and boroughs will know the fullness of God through Me, Holy Spirit. A quickening you may call it; an awakening. I call it Revolution. Too many, for too long have remained in bondage and these are believers who are called to set the captives free. The Church (Body of Christ) was not made for man, but for God. And it is His rightful property to do with as He wills. Just because eyes do not see and ears do not hear, I shall not be stopped anymore than Jesus was prevented from being born, living, dying and being resurrected. I AM God Himself and you have taken me for a puppet, or a toy or a tool or you have ignored Me altogether. My purpose in being sent was not to be dismissed and forgotten but to live in unity in you.


There will be two paths, a dividing line between truth and status quo (complacency). On one side the “Risk-Takers” (only because they will come against opposition do I refer to them as such) will say, “Yes we yield to the One who made us, the One who lives in us, the One true God).


On the other side of the dividing line….will be institution, religion, tradition, affront, offense, disbelief and radical resistance. No matter, I AM coming as never before. Not to harm, judge or terrorize. No! Those who proclaim that about Me know Me not, for if Jesus came not to judge but save, I, Holy Spirit am One with Him. I come at this time for the same purpose to save; in this case to save the Church (Body of Christ) from itSelf (self-love self-deception, selfishness, self-condemnation).


Will you risk the scorn of man for the pleasure of God? For underneath, underscoring this revolution is one simple truth, that without love you are nothing. No amount of letters beside your name, no amount of money or earthly power will vanquish that fact.


And how did the Father show this ultimate love? One Word, JESUS. And how did Jesus show His ultimate dedication to believers? By offering Me, Holy Spirit, forever, indwelling abiding presence God,  Himself. Do you not know Who infuses you? Do you not know the magnificence of this glory, do you not know that only through the Spirit you can know God?

Do you want to know God more than your doctrines about God? That is what Jesus proposed and I also propose. I have not stepped down from indwelling every believer. I have not stepped down from coming upon them with living power. I have not as some have claimed been replaced by the Word for why would Jesus tell you I would indwell you forever. Why would I come to indwell you forever? Strange theology, and ungrounded in reality or the Word they claim, they so strongly adhere to.


I am  not going anywhere. You can’t lose me down a dark alley or a long curving highway because where you go I AM there; where you are, so AM I. Where you run, you have taken Me. It is an exercise in futility to run from the One you are One with!


Women and children 1st is the catch cry of sinking ships. Let it not be so with the Church. Let men take their rightful place ushering in this Revolution. Too often they are preoccupied with analysis of Me; whether I AM real or not, a part of the Triune God or such snares of the devil. They are busy proving themselves.


But I say men, be men, rise up, break ground. Set your families, your towns, your women, your congregations free. Few  will, most won’t. That is the nature of pride. To be told you have been mistaken, had it wrong, all along is a sore pill to swallow. Only the bravest of men can do so.


Be brave men. I AM in you. You are from the Tribe of the Lion of Judah. Roar for Freedom, not for self-will!

The children will catch the tide first; simply because they are children. They will not be suspicious or calculating or even frightened. They will run and play and explore the rock pools of revelation; play chasing games with the tide of truth and squeal. That is why I delight in them so. They want to be with Me, in My presence just because; without question. The women will be next. Some will analyse; those of the intellectual bent. Some have sold wisdom from above for human honours. Some will resist; but their hearts are softer than many men. Some will relent. Others are already yielded and yearn for this revolution of the heart in the Body of Christ. They are waiting for their brothers and sisters to join in the tide. Still others will feel unworthy, forgetting worthiness is from Christ alone. They will have a sense of false pride. I will deal with them as always; with chastening, born of love.


And there will be those whose hearts are so pure we will dance as One, unashamed and joyous. Hearts filled with glee, just to know and be known. I can give them the fullness they have sought for as open vessels.

As the Father desires that none should perish, so I, Holy Spirit desire none should miss this fullness, this transformation and experiencing their inseparability from God, Elohim.



 The Way of Life or Death

There is a way that seems right to a man but leads to death. He will defend that way even until death, for   the sake of pride. But pride will not free him, nor save him. Pride causes resistance   from the only One who can save him. So this way that leads to death, is it worth it for the sake of being right in your own mind? Being right to others ,but not to God? Is it worth it O man?

Or Am I worth it...The One who makes Man right in HIM?

If you have been following a track that leads to death come home. I can save you. And what does it require? Your heart turned towards Mine. That is all that is needed. Then the struggle is over....then My arms are yours. But if you think you can fool me and hide yourself from scrutiny, you know Me not at all.

I see all things in all ways....so to hide means you trust Me not, with even your secret sin, O man...but every hidden thing can and will be revealed and healed ,if sought after.

There are no secrets in Me...But you cannot have it both ways...Your way and Mine. Your way leads to death and Mine to life.

Choose LIFE, for that is ALL I have to offer.......Life Is Who I did offer and if you are in Christ and believe you are sanctioned to sin, you have not understood the depth of His sacrifice and you are less than a babe, but a fool.

For His death He died once for all that you may live in freedom from


Admitting guilt is not your problem, pretending you are guiltless because of Jesus, you continue to lie and cheat and fornicate.

There is no hope in deception, for it will only strangle you

to death.

Those who corrupt My word will receive their reward....and although I love them, I cannot save those who refuse to yield.

They are many...they break My heart, but I cannot have those who will not have Me.

Let us reason together, be sincere, real, true.

I will show My hand (righteousness)....You show yours (sin) and we can exchange death for life.



Love is the Fulfillment of the Law (Rom 13:10)

Well, the law without love, never was the truth anyway.....the law was given as an act of love to show man he could not do anything without ME......then Jesus....made that blatantly clear and He traded places with you (mankind) for all eternity.....when you allow Him in....you are ONE with God...not just for a moment.....but always in His heart......the ones saying now because I am eternally forgiven I can do as I please, do not know Him personally and that is a tragedy....for if He knows you not , you are not His…..but....anyone at anytime can still in this time know HIM. What has washed your sins away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus; nothing else can cleanse you. No rhetoric, not theology, no arguing……only HIM...but then saying that means I can do as please, means you don’t know you were cleansed. It never was law vs. grace…..It is law swallowed up by LOVE... and if you are led by LOVE, ME….. the other arguments are more than foolish;  they just don’t make sense. Jesus took the consequence of the law upon HIMSELF for you....for you..for you...so you could have the consequence of His sacrifice LOVE (LIBERTY) ME…..  there is no fight any longer law vs. grace....it is Finished….you are either One with the Father or you are not!


   And how do you know? The Sprit witnesses with your spirit you are sons of GOD.


Not by power, not by might, but by MY Spirit says the Lord …It isn't semantics and word games that will free you...it is the Son of GOD!

I (Holy Spirit) AM so happy to know you....you who are His...for those who are not His, I do not know and they can lie and cheat and pretend they know Him and ME but Ananias and Sappharis didn't get away with it and neither will they.....The sad thing is they can know US (ELOHIM), but choose themselves, instead and what a poor choice….the clay choosing its own lump instead of the Potter. So law/grace STOP IT...there is neither law nor grace as f they are unto themselves...there is TRUTH and HE came to set you free if you would have it…. the simplest, heartfelt prayer is all that is required……how easy...too easy for prideful man….Yes, Lord I admit it I cannot make it without You...so HAVE ME in all ways...take my sin, my selfishness, my fear my hate and make Your home in me in Jesus name….that is enough to turn eternity around forever for you….. and you don’t have to worry...will I fail will I stumble...yes you will sometimes...but the fall is only a few inches...I (HS) even catch you.....the falling is part of the walking at first, one day it becomes just walking…  


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