• I AM a person.

  • I am the presence of God on earth

  • I am not confined

  • I celebrate your victories with you

  • I am not afraid to see/share your pain, for I am your Comforter

  • I bring newness of life

  • The dead to live

  • I am not containable

  • I am searchable for those who want to  find

  • I am not afraid or discouraged by your weakness or flaws

  • I open doors you never knew were there

  • I guide you even when you ignore Me (when you do ignore Me, we both miss the miracles and loved planned for you and others)

  • I laugh with you and sometimes at you, but never at your expense

  • I will always listen, never condemn and always be with you

  • Your heart is my mission

  • I never leave anything unfinished

  • The truth I lead you into is LOVE

So, in conclusion, if you ever desire to know Me, simply ask for My Presence to come upon you and be awakened within you and I will show you, great and mighty wonders you know not of.

P.S. Daddy (Abba) says, hi!







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