This was a response to a dear brother seeking answers about how to seek and bring the lost to salvation.


Do not feel are at least willing to ask and care enough about the lost to humble yourself under His Mighty hand and seek answers from Him and those who follow Him. I have done the push, push of a new believer to those around me which won no one of course. And then as I fell in love with Him and shared my passion people were drawn to Him. They wondered why I would love Him so. I have found it is different and custom made for each one we encounter. Some I have had a hard word; like the drunken young man on the bench in the park who was swearing and complaining about what life had done to him and when I sat next to him....I asked if he wanted his horrible life to be finished with...he said yes...and I said well then let's pray...(we talked for a while and I shared Christ and His love but also that he needed to turn to this God and could be done with the emptiness and anger and hurt, etc.) He gave his life right there and then and he was truly born again as he began seeing differently within moments.. and sober too....he even said,  "What you say is hard, but I like it"(that was just before he gave his life to Jesus......).


Then there were others that came to me after I preached and the Holy Spirit had touched their hearts and they asked me to be led to Christ......and even healing in the dirt; the person healed came to Christ and others had watched and came too. In Western countries, I have seen salvation in many ways as well as in the developing world. Once in a phone booth I came upon a man, that  Holy Spirit led me to in a small town  and I told him God had asked me to speak with him and the man practically cried as he had just begun a terrible marital breakdown and although he did not receive Christ right there, He felt the presence of God and was nearly in tears, was amazed God had sent me to him. Other times, as I preached and Holy Ghost touched their hearts, afterwards I   approached them and they were dumbfounded as to why they were crying...I'd share this was the Spirit of the Living God and they received Jesus. In the street, I am careful not to argue as that gets nowhere and just even silently say to myself...(Holy Spirit take over this conversation/encounter). Some want understanding and to know what it really means....(lip service of Rom 10:9-10) can leave them unsaved....we ask as always Holy Spirit to lead us to those open and ready and give Him free reign how to lead them into amazingly then through His love. Hope this helps dear friend.