Healing is a hot commodity in some Christian circles; it is certainly desired and sought out even by the secular world. There are doctors, natural therapies, psychology, new age and other methods that can produce some form of healing. Christians argue whether healing is relevant or even possible today. For those convinced it is a current possibility, there  seems to be  as many  Christian  healing methods/approaches as there are  denominations. Some espouse

technique, some emphasize authority, others the persons’ past and still others confession of the Word. These are only examples and it would entail considerable research to discover them all. What appears to be successful for one may not work for another or so it is claimed. Each one contending for attention, as if the exclusive holder of healing success. They usually  all  agree  that without Jesus none of this is possible. But why is healing through Jesus the pinnacle of restoration? Because “It is finished”;  His last words on the cross. Everything that had separated us from God, He now paid for and we (as believers) are no longer beholden to sin (which includes disease and death). For we are crucified with Him, and it is no longer we that live, but Christ that lives in us. The Scriptures declare we are co-joined and One with the Father.  We are  Jesus’ body, His flesh and His bones (Eph. 5:30). We are perfected forever by the one offering Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:14). By His stripes we were healed (1Peter 2:24). So where does healing fit into all this seemingly incomprehensible truth? He paid for it pure and simple.  Once this is accepted and recognised, the next step is to experience healing for ourselves. The specific  method is not the concern, the source is...Jesus. He paid for our complete health and wholeness.  When we examine the depth of the brutality measured against Him as He was beaten, scourged and whipped, to the point of being humanly unrecognizable, we understand how all disease, illness, anguish, pain and humiliation was borne for us. (Isaiah 53:3-5) This is the basis without which, we would

have to bear our own sicknesses, pain, shame, etc. Although there are general points to consider and learn in healing

through Jesus, the most significant point is Who is doing the healing. While Jesus walked amongst men, Emmanuel, He did  the healing and then demonstrated this power to His disciples who continued bringing healing/restoration/wholeness in His name. Once Jesus left, the Father sent  the Helper, Teacher,  Comforter, Spirit of Truth ~ Holy Spirit to release the healing in our own and others’ bodies. It is by His power that wholeness is restored. He is the ultimate healing approach....HOLY SPIRIT.


Holy Spirit is the least understood of the Triune God. Father and Son are sought after, but Holy Spirit......He is often maligned as “something” not someone who produces bizarre manifestations. He is rarely sought after in terms of teaching and guidance for which He was given to us. More often then not, He is the invisible Man to the majority of Christians. Without The Spirit of Truth (another name for Him) leading us, we are led by all and sundry. Anyone can claim anything if there is no reference point, and although the Word is most Christians’ barometer of what is legitimate or not, interpretations on Scripture has brought brutal divisiveness into the Body of Christ. Truth (the Word of God) must be interpreted by Truth (The Lving God, Holy SPirit).


If Holy Spirit is as He is described in 1 John 2:27, the anointing that leads us into all truth and we therefore have no need that anyone teach us, perhaps we should consult Him on one part of this “all”, healing. When people are seeking healing, they can be everything from desperate to complacent. Some have become so discouraged, that if there is any lag time, they declare defeat. Holy Spirit and consulting Him leads to permanent healing, for we can never again be deceived into thinking this disease/sickness is from God. Many are warned not to listen to Him, for fear they may be listening to the wrong spirit...so deafness to Him ensues. By now some will have chosen not to continue reading; will consider this fluff and uncontrolled or even unreliable, but Holy Spirit (the abiding presence of the Living God living in us) is always and perfectly reliable.


“But the anointing which you have

Received from Him abides in you

And you do not need that anyone

Teach you; but as the same anointing

Teaches you concerning all things

And is true, and is not a lie,

Just as it has taught you, you

Will abide in Him” (1John 2:27)


We tend to seek method over Holy Spirit more for our own comfort that optimum choice. But He in fact is the Spirit of truth and as such, His function is to lead us into all truth as Jesus declared. All is the operative word; all would include truth in healing. There are four major aspects which are critical in understanding and ministering healing.:


1. Being settled in the Spiritual fact that there are no loopholes

(condemnations) in grace. (Romans 8:1-2)

2. Knowing and sharing the Father’s heart for themselves and others. (Romans


3. Knowing their authority over sickness, demons, and death through Jesus

Christ. ( Romans 8:2, Mark 16:17, Luke 10:19)

4. Knowing the Holy Spirit as a Person whom they commune with and seek

guidance from. (John 14:16, 1John 2:27, Rom. 7:6, Gal. 5:18)


The precedng  list is  suggested by Holy Spirit. It is vital that our healing  approach be based on these criteria. Of course healing success is possible through faith alone as the Scriptures state in 1Cor 13:2); it is not the Lord’s optimum choice. He always seeks a more excellent way. And that way is love. When we minister to others, whether they  are strangers, friends, or relatives, love is to be our motive; for without it, we are nothing (1Cor 13:2). 


Spirit led healing is  all inclusive...not just addressing a particular part of the anatomy, but can  include  soul issues, (emotional/mental), also hidden physical issues, prophetic words, words of knowledge, words of wisdom....or whatever Holy Spirit desires to  impart. Rather than attempt to control the process, we as coworkers in Him, partner with His leading. This is usually where believers will sigh deeply and consider how in the world that is possible. Well strictly speaking it is impossible in the world, but we are not of the world. Spirit led healing, indicates just that; the Holy Spirit is at the helm. This is not to suggest we are exempt from stepping out and extending ourselves, but Holy Spirit is the guide of where, how and when to step; our steps are ordered by Him. This can be controversial as some are concerned,  that this implies permission to be a pew-warmer;  but  when you are surrendered to Holy Spirit that position does not even enter your mind or heart. In actuality, when we are sensitive to Holy Spirit, He will lead you with the compassion

of Jesus to the ground He has prepared. The greater risk is that we miss what He is leading us to do. If Holy Spirit were given His due and yielded to, all undue pressure to perform, all works to show we are acceptable in God’s sight and all need to pressure others would be eliminated. When you become aware that you are so deeply approved of by God that He chose to dwell within you, those voices and pressures are silenced.  So in actuality what does it mean to be Spirit led? It must be based on being yielded to Holy Spirit, this implies we trust Him, know His voice and follow His lead. How does such a relationship develop? In time, and not a long time, just takes some time. It is simpler than we have been led to believe, because He indwells us.