If Jesus’  life were viewed in the lenses of Modern Christianity., we would find it hard not to fault Him. After all, He made a whip to drive the terrified money changers (only trying to make a living after all) out of the temple. He often chided and admonished His disciples, even publically, calling them such pet names as “You unbelieving and adulterous generation.” Pretty humiliating for them. And openly spoke of His disappointment in them, to them on a number of occasions; mentioning their lack of faith.

So, if Jesus Who knew no sin reacted in this manner, how is it love has been diluted into a sickly-sweet elixir, readily served and drank by believers world-wide. Is 1Cor.13:4-7 after all untrue or is it the way in which it is viewed that is skewed? If a child is going to run across the street, after being told 3 times not to, do we softly cuddle them and say “now don’;t do that again honey.” Or do we, rightfully so, deliver the message with a possible spank and raised voice. Love is patient, love is kind does not mean everyone will like you, or agree with your actions. It does not mean people’s feathers will not be ruffled or even feel hurt. Jesus must have hurt Peter’s feelings when He compared Him to satan, and when He called the Pharisees the devil’s children and His own disciples perverse. Yet, He sinless Man did say such things. Why is it Christianity has been stripped of its Spiritual guts, when it was built on passion so intense, love so deep and action so brutal by which we were saved, the Cross. This is the kind of love that when someone is about to step out from the curb as a car is racing towards them, we grab them by the shoulders, yanking them back, as they fall on their behind. That brief moment of loss of dignity saved their lives. Do we love that much?

Jesus never said to always be sweet and nice and say only what people want to hear. Speaking the truth in love is not sugar-coating what needs to be said and done.  Even in proverbs it mentions that is it better to hear a correction from a friend than an enemy. God is in the refining business, not the ‘recline-ing’ business. Holy Spirit our counsellor and guide and helper and comfort is the One who leads us to the how and what in all situations; the Helper Extrodinare.

Love was never meant to be an excuse for people not taking responsibility for their actions or having their self-pity accommodated. Especially believers, for that is the ‘old man’ and the one who was crucified. He no longer lives but Christ lives in exchange. It is the lack of awareness of the Divine Exchange that keeps people prisoners of their pain and past. Why? Because ,they are throwing away liberty for sympathy, a poor trade-off, indeed. If Peter had decided Jesus had no right to say “get behind me satan.” Or was upset and blamed Jesus fro revealing that he (Peter) would deny Him three times; how many would not have been saved. For Peter in one day drew 3,000 to Christ; let alone the multitudes later.

This is not an excuse to bully believers or to rail against them because of  disappointments, failures or flaws but; but it does indicate, as in any relationship, love has many guises and one is honesty. It seems that is one of the essential components of love that the Church has outstripped....for fear of causing offense. But Paul made it clear how to deal with conflict/strife in various situations and walking on eggshells was not one of them. Speaking the truth in love does not mean ‘be nice’ but be real, honest and desire His best for them even if they don’t.


“Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.”