Recently the Holy Ghost (Spirit whatever one’s preference, He is the power of God manifested here on earth), has brought me to an understanding to the question: What’s my responsibility, what’s theirs (the one needing healing) and what’s His (God’s)?

God's is to do the healing/miracle/raising, theirs is to receive (when I have expereinced the dead raising {only once so far; looking forward to many more} you are not talking to a dead body but a living soul that no longer resides in that body so there is a consciousness you are speaking to...just as Jesus told the little girl and young man to arise or wake up or Lazarus to come forth. My responsibility is to pray the prayer of faith...releasing the power of God. But having this kind of faith is not just mouthing words but knowing who one is in Christ (identity is the issue). And where does identity stem from? RELATIONSHIP.

That's's having faith in HIM...not ourselves to beat up the enemy and get the job done but to release our loving Father to do the job He has done!!!!!!! Much easier approach. The body is getting beaten up by trying to beat up the enemy...that’s what the disciples missed when Jesus got cross and told them off for not believing and being unable to heal that boy and free him from that epileptic spirit because they were believing in their own strength not who He (Jesus) was......they had just come from healing all and sundry and they were celevrating their prowess as well as arguing about who would be the greastest, forgetting it was Him in them that was greater than he that is in the world….Let’s not be about the devil’s business searching out all his tricks and figuring out about Your Father’s Business...stay out of the dark jungle and walk in the Son (light) As He is in the light.


P.S. fasting is to draw closer in relationship to Him… It doesn’t give us authority…it gives us insight, depth and focus.