What's so bad about Holy Spirit....well

Once we commune with and know Him, listen and allow Him to lead us into all truth, no one can trick us and that ruins the enemy’s schemes for life!

The Holy Spirit is a gift from the Father, so should we not accept this gift……? The Father only gives good gifts. Why is Holy Spirit, who proceeded from the Father the one gift that is mistrusted the most in Christendom? Is HE not worthy of being trusted? Did not the early Church trust Him with their lives, their direction, their very words? Why is He in modern Christianity viewed with suspicion? One very likely possibility is that if believers have a genuine relationship with Holy Spirit, then others cannot control them. Some are so offended by teachings that enable and equip believers to have relationship with Him, it becomes a rigid doctrinal position, that we must not glorify Him or focus too much on Him. Perhaps it isn’t that they are worried He is being glorified, but they are worried they will no longer be glorified by those they teach, have authority over or control. Although, this is a harsh statement and it grieves my heart to speak it, why else such resistance to Holy Spirit actually being engaged as the abiding presence in every area of our lives?

I have been told relying on Holy Spirit will put you at risk of seducing spirits and maybe you are not hearing from Holy Ghost at all. Reading only the Word of God and never communing (or only communing on our terms) with the Spirit  to illuminate the Word will lead to the same scenario. How do we rightly divide the Word? Answer: By the Spirit of Truth.  Who is the Spirit of Truth? Answer: Holy Spirit. They work in unity, never apart…the letter kills but the Spirit adds life.  If someone is that concerned about being deceived, they can ask for the gift of discernment and who gives that gift, yes Holy Spirit…if we are going to be suspicious of Him in one area well how can we trust Him in any. He gives the nine spiritual gifts, we could just as easily suspect those…is this really the gift of healing, we could imagine it to be a counterfeit. This leads to an endless trail of suspicion and doubt/worry…or we can simply trust the Spirit of the Living God and know we are covered by His grace when we mistake His voice or His direction. But to assume that it is too dangerous to speak avidly of Him and to Him  and defer to Him, for fear we may be seduced leaves us vulnerable to spiritual seduction, because without the Spirit of Truth who are we listening to? He is not someone to use Scripture to avoid ….(e.g. “well Holy Spirit is only allowed to point to Jesus and He only brings to remembrance what Jesus said”….wait a minute, it does not say ‘only’ (only is implied). He does far more than only. Holy Spirit wakes us up in the night and gives us spiritual gifts, or calls us to pray for someone in distress, He reveals prophesy for others and Words of Wisdom/Knowledge and more than that HE communes when you are quiet in the middle of the night reminding you how precious you are to the Father and how loved you are or He may even drench you with His presence….so many, many benefits Holy Spirit offers. He chose ministers and directed Apostles, what to preach and where….does He not do the same today? He sanctifies us, Comforts us, Helps us and often laughs with us and at us. If  fear that will be deceived by other spirits is a concern isn’t the most reasonable option, to become intimate with the Holy Spirit, as that will prevent any successful deception. Relegating Him to the “he only points to Jesus so don’t worry about Him” mode has cheated the Body of Christ of the Living truth, living in them..It’s time to set the captives free, including Holy Spirit!

 Holy Ghost we loose you from the bondage of human limitation and let you have free reign for His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name.