Although we are One body in Christ, that does not make us faceless/nameless members. Each not only has a function but an individuality that the Lord celebrates Himself through. If we all attempt to be like one another, the essence of who He made us to be remains concealed; and that was never His intent of making us One. There are some in Christianity that would rather control people’s development instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them in all truth. Simple human logic would suggest that if God wanted an army of clones, He would have made us far less distinct than He has. One Body, One Mind, One Spirit is not a communistic/political agenda but a supernatural dynamic where the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit unfold within each perfect expression, namely each one of us. Are we to deprive our Father of that expression, that uniqueness with which He has bestowed us? God does not need an army, the Angels in Heaven play that role and although there are references in the Scriptures about being a good soldier that is an analogy not an identity.


Stripping away individuality is a political tactic utilised by governments, worldwide to control the masses. God is not a dictator, nor the head of a regime...He is a tender Father, the very force that made the universe resides in Him and He is inherently creative as one can attest to from the creation before us; He is a Saviour and a power beyond understanding; and yet we can cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us. A God like that does not demand submission or loyalty but extends steadfast love that never ceases, mercy that never comes to an end and grace that is irreversible. We cannot contain Him but only be filled with Him. Our uniqueness, the stamp of His essence that He has imprinted upon us is worthy of expression. Why? Because He has deemed it so. He died that we may live life and life more abundant, not to be pressed sausauge-style along the conveyor belt assembly line....everyone spouting the same message, the same method, the same man. NO! He says there will never be another you....What are you going to do with that....He gave us the perfect law of liberty (James 1:25)... That word liberty refers to being freed from slavery  and bought by a god (at the Greek temple)...they then received a document of freedom and never again could be enslaved; they were owned by a god. Liberty is the essence of His Spirit for He says the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. We need not turn that around into rules and regulations. Telling the Body they must do this and that to be deemed worthy or acceptable or “saved”? This type of instruction puts grace to shame....and as Paul admonished the Galatians for losing sight of grace and re-embracing the law...”What has betwitched you...did you receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?”

Let’s discover and celebrate who He has made us to be as a Body, as brethren and as His Beloved.

There will never be another you.