Easy steps to ministering in the streets.
  • Put your realtionship with the Father in heaven first.
  • Just be you (natural). This isn't a performance and God already approves of you.
  • Give the Holy Spirit Free reign, He is the Spirit of truth and will lead you into it in every aspect, including healing.
  • Whether people need physical healing or not they always need Him and blessing them with His love is the greatest gift.

As shopping day loomed, I gave the Holy Spirt free reign..(no more method or control)here's what He did! A young African man was collecting shopping trolleys and as he manuvered the carts through crowds I mentioned how hard that must be, smiling at him. As he approached where we were parked. I asked where he was from and the like; he said Zimbabwe but lived mostly in South Africa and had been here in Oz for a year (Perth is a little South Africa with 20-30,000 expats here). I then said: "Let me bless you with God's love." He looked surprised...I took His hand and prayed and the Spirit directed me to touch his heart...well Daddy filled him up...the Lord also gave me pictures of him and the confusion he had been experiencing, not knowing his direction and then He showed me this glorious scene of the pathway placed before this young man...it was gleaming with incredible light,that no one could miss it...Daddy's not fair, He's good!The young man named Simba looked astonished and kept repeating, "I've never felt like this; I've never felt like this. I don't know how to explain...it" I told him that was the love and presence of God and how precious he was to Him...Simba was is awe and God kept giving me more words of knowledge for him and he asked like a little child "Can I have this again?" I smiled and told him to simply ask the Holy Spirit to fill him and receive what was his...He had know about Jesus as South Africa is very open to the Lord but Simba had never experienced His presence...what a priviledge touching the heart of this young man and having Daddy fill him! Greater things...greater things...Hallelujah...the Holy Spirit is alive and a person...Yay God!

There were many other encounters with people and God's touch upon them but this was the final one that finished out shopping experience
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