Christianese tends to look better on the outside than what is living on the inside. Saying all the right Christian slogans , serving the poor and needy and sick is difficult to discredit; but that is the subtlety of satan. When he entices a believer to promote themselves over Christ Jesus, it must be done delicately and subtly. Declaring one’s humility because of the works they perform, and being defensive at every turn, points to the flesh not Jesus Christ. It is an easy trap to be ensnared by, for if we do  not understand our intrinsic value to Him (the Creator, Maker of all things, the Father in Heaven), we will still insist on earning it.

It has been claimed by some that the new covenant began with John the Baptist but if this is true the cross was in vain. Without the cross we are still under sin; still prisoners of the flesh and still able to be condemned. All the difference in the world occurred on that Cross of Christ. For when He died the Scripture makes it clear that He was raised because of our justification not for it, not to bring it to pass, as His death had already accomplished redemption{Rom. 4:25}. His death on the Cross brought justification, for at that moment all sin, filth, ugliness, disease, hurt, anguish, grief and hatred accumulated in that one  final breath, “It is Finished!” What are we to do with such glory?


Some believers still remain in their own minds and hearts before the Cross (pre-Cross). Unfortunately they also disseminate such false information to those they minister to and evangelize. This is what is known as Christianese. This perspective still attempts to earn favour, be good enough, draw attention to their deeds, and compare such deeds/works with other believers. Christianese degrades the Cross to nothing more than a ticket in the future to what they hope is a better reality than the one they are living. For those trapped in Christinanese, the Cross was not enough and is impotent in its ability to transform the human mind, heart and body right here and now without their constant input. Believing salvation is up to them, this  inevitably evolves into the  Elijah Syndrome; “I’m the only one, Lord.” Well we know what God’s answer to that was, “I have thousands.” Pre-Cross thinking leads one to believe they are better, more sacrificial, more caring and especially more humble than their brethren. Pre-Cross thinking is the epitome of pride. If one truly believes the Cross missed something, is lacking in power, then what is there left to do? Oh a great deal according to this mindset. We must do, do, do in fact in order to fill the gap.


Yet in Hebrews 10:29, the scripture makes it astoundingly clear that if the sacrifice of Jesus was not enough, nothing will be. We insult the Spirit of Grace by considering Jesus’ sacrifice lacking in anyway. What we do in any capacity after the Cross (as believers in the Jesus), is never about us again. Because we no  longer live but Christ lives in us. This does not indicate that God is in anyway dismissive or interested in our well being, for the Father knows what we need before we ask and He sent Holy Spirit to help/comfort/teach and console us; we are His heirs/sons; we should be in perfect peace. What we do for the Body or the lost, is not to point to us, but Him (Jesus), not just in word or deed only, but from our very hearts.

The exaltation of what He has done for us should course through our veins as living water and we should then be able to share that living water with the world at large.

  • Pre-Cross thinking says, “There is so much left to do, how can  I handle all their needs.”
  • Post-Cross thinking declares, “Thank You Jesus that their needs are met in You, show me how to share that truth.”
  • Pre-Cross thinking denies Jesus came in the flesh by placing themselves in greater demand by others than He.
  • Post-Cross thinking, declares because He came in the flesh they are grateful for and consciously aware of Holy Spirit as a person who orders every step and always leads them into all truth about any and all things; including helping/ministering to others.
  • Pre-Cross thinking believes (subconsciously) their sacrifice is greater than His and tends to focus on the problems of people not the transformational ability of Holy Spirit.
  • Post-Cross thinking celebrates that the Cross was enough and from such wonder and power and unity with God Himself, all things are possible.

Let us rejoice for the Cross and boast of nothing else but Christ and Him crucified like our brother Paul, the Apostle. For although beaten numerous times, stoned to the point of death (but surviving), shipwrecked, hungry, cold and persecuted at every turn, he considered his own sacrifice as nothing compared to the Cross. Our only standard needs to be what He did, not what sister or brother so- and so has done or not done. Jesus Christ is our standard for comparison. And none of us have ever  been so brutally beaten to be unrecognizable, nailed to a cross/crucified and then died for all humanity. He is the Saviour and we are the saved! Let us announce such good news to the world, reconciliation between God and man has already been accomplished, they need only accept the invitation. We are the messengers, who He has transformed into the message, living epistles written in blood!