Being lead by the Spirit has gotten some bad (some deserved) press in recent times. Firstly, we must ask what spirit are we being led by and then we must observe the fruit to discern which one actually was leading. Most of us have seen the proverbial "being led" that ends up a cacophany of clanging-banging, siren singing, glossolia (speaking in tongues)...called, "Wasn't the service anointed today?", although no one was healed, delivered or set free...but that is not what I am referring to.

Being genuinely led by the Spirit is so awe inspiring, it is one of the rare times I would use the word Awesome. Being led by the Spirit is actually allowing the indwelling, Holy Spirit that God has placed within us to take the lead. He guides us into all truth (operative word ALL)...that means anything we have doubts about, all questions, all concerns or even all troubles...He has the answer for; and His answer will always confirm the Living Word of God, the scriptures. They match as it were...scriptures (Living Word) and the Holy Spirit. Lately He (the Holy Spirit) which I find so self-effacing because He doesn't even have a name (we have Jesus, and Abba, the Father in Heaven) and the Holy Spirit...that's His name...yet He does all the labour...and only goes by the title Holy Spirit. We certainly can learn humility from Him as he cares not for labels, titles nor positions. He is in fact the union between us and the Father in Heaven. So how could we ignore being led by Him? What else in all Christendom would we prefer to be led by? Well there's a few choices around....pastors, preachers, teachers, apostles, doctrines, church tradition, personal opinion....and more. We often trust them far more than the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is usually unemployed in most Christians' lives, left to be a bench warmer for a game He never is invited to play (and I am not just referring to healing the sick)..but His being in every aspect of a believer's life...He is infused in our very molecules...mixing with us and yet...we go our own or more often than not, someone else's the next teacher or theological deconstruction or trend or buzz...all the while ignoring His presence on the bench. And yet, He is the very power/presence of God on earth in us.

The Holy Spirit can offer us the deepest riches of the Father's knowledge, wisdom and grace...He can and does illuminate our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. He does heart surgery on the hardened places and fills in all wounds and disappointments, and scars of our souls with the joy of the Lord, the healing grace and absolute unity with the Father of Lights. He is a the link between heaven and earth living on the inside of us! Some have even taught it is dangerous to talk to the Holy Spirit the One who leads us into all How are we to be lead? No talking please...shhhh! Perhaps most astonishingly, the Holy Spirit is the One who allows us to experience our union with the Father. Without Him we are simply going through the motions or emotions as the case may be. He has taught me about the Father's heart...the Body's (of Christ) pain and joy unspeakable, and the very inarguably AWESOME Presence of God...oh wait that's Who He is!. He is the Teacher extraordinaire and there is so much more to learn...He will teach us how to rightly divide the Word so that we cannot be captured by false doctrine...He will teach us how to bask in the Presence of Our King without effort, simply by realising He is within me, He will teach us that without Love we are nothing and with Love all things are possible. He will teach us our value in the sight and heart of our Lord and He will teach us what we specifically were made for...down to the last detail. What does a teacher do...? If you teach you must show the way...that's called leading. That is what Jesus meant when He said He would never leave us nor forsake us...because he left His Spirit to indwell, not just to sit there immobile but to lead us.

The Body has become so tantalised by men, doctrine, alleged anointings, and teachings they do not even recognise the Holy Spirit Himself. He is the Spirit that witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God...and if we are not attending to His witnessing what are we witnessing? He is here to bring Oneness to life where we begin to be so immersed in Him and it isn't "I don't now where He ends and I begin" it is that we match, we are the union!

So Holy Spirit have Your,  free reign...LEAD ME....I love you.


This note is a dedication to You Holy give You the press You so deserve, even though You don't want it nor need it!